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Upcoming Interview with Ahmed Osman


Natalie-Marie Hart will be interviewing Ahmed Osman on her show.

Ahmed Osman was born in Cairo Egypt in 1934. He now lives in England. He studied law at Cairo university and worked as a journalist in the early 1960s. In an attempt to find the historical roots behind the continuous political conflict between Egypt and Israel, he left his country for London at the end of 1964. Since then he has been researching the connection between the stories of the Bible and the historical evidence uncovered by archaeologists during the last hundred years. His first achievement was the identification of a major biblical figure, Joseph the Patriarch of the coat of many colours, as Yuya the minister and father-in-law to Amenhotep III (c. 1405-1367 BC).

This identification became the subject of his first book, Stranger In The Valley Of The Kings (1987). In his second book Moses: Pharaoh of Egypt (1990), his effort was to clarify the date of the Israelite Exodus from Egypt, while in his third book The House of the Messiah (1992) he attempted to establish the identity of King David the great ancestor of Jesus Christ.

Ahmed’s book “Moses and Akhenaten” is the basis for the John Haymen motion picture “Moses and Nefertiti” that will be filmed in Egypt is early 2006.