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The New Slave System: The Game of Life Part III


By Natalie-Marie Hart

Crystal Kids Radio

This is the third part of the series. There is still so many more to come.

Let’s go on a drive with a car. There are so many Skyscrapers around us. Ask yourself who owns these building and offices. Have you entered a lawyer’s office and you just want to ask yourself where did they get the money to decorate. Now we are going to take a drive outside of the city where you see the luxurious homes. Ask yourself who lives in these homes. Lawyers and Bankers are just some of the people.

Lets make a turn now you see people sleeping in the street and they have shakes for homes.

To understand all of this we need to understand how money is made?

We all use money to survive and for everything. The government prints money so you would think but that is not the way it works they gave the licence to print money to the private corporations. They are called Banks they have complete control to create money out of thin air. They work with the government so they could use propaganda on you.

A Bank is a financial intermediary that accepts deposits and channels those deposits into lending activities, either directly or through capital markets.
How Banks offer many of their services:
· ATM is a machine that dispenses cash and sometimes takes deposits without the need for a human bank teller. Some ATMs provide additional services.
· A branch is a retail location
· Call center
· Mail: most banks accept check deposits via mail and use mail to communicate to their customers, e.g. by sending out statements
· Mobile banking is a method of using one’s mobile phone to conduct banking transactions
· Online banking is a term used for performing transactions, payments etc. over the Internet
· Relationship Managers, mostly for private banking or business banking, often visiting customers at their homes or businesses. So they determine how much they will take from you.
· Telephone banking is a service which allows its customers to perform transactions over the telephone without speaking to a human
· Video banking is a term used for performing banking transactions or professional banking consultations via a remote video and audio connection. Video banking can be performed via purpose built banking transaction machines (similar to an Automated teller machine), or via a videoconference enabled bank branch.
Banks are just like other businesses but the only difference is these bankers are controlling our lives by creating depressions, household debt, incredible inflation, manipulating interest rates, economic instability, Government deficit and Blocking economic development. I like to call it the game of life and monopoly. A good example is if you earned 100 dollars and you decide to put your money into the bank. You would think they would loan out 10 dollars of that 100 dollars and keep ninety dollars as reserve. No they create money out of thin air by loaning out 900 dollars out of that one hundred dollars this is called fractional reserve banking. Let’s not even talk about interest and compound interest on that nine hundred. Now we start playing the game of monopoly with the Banks. They even charge you fees for your money.
A good movie to show all of this is Disney’s movie the million dollar duck (1971) it is about a professor who brings home a duck as a toy for his son, but soon finds out that it lays golden eggs. Then the IRS goes after the duck because the duck produces gold. So see how greedy these people are. They want the whole pie and they do not care who they hurt on the long run for that pie.
What you should know about the Student Loans:

Bankers with the governments have created the biggest slave debt that you can ever find. You decide to get a student Loan. You have an obligation to begin repaying it six months after completion of your post-secondary studies. In North America it is very difficult to get a job and if you accumulated hundreds of thousands on that student loan. Say you are unable to pay them back you will find out the biggest secret ever told. You are unable to default; you are in debt for the rest of your life.

If you have a student loan and you are unable to repay it
You may be entitled for these forms of payments
1. Revision of terms
2. Interest relief
3. Debt reductions in repayment
4. Permanent disability or death benefit. If a borrower dies or becomes permanently disabled, their Canada student loan might be forgiven.

You must go to a lawyer who deals with these situations. Keep in mind they work for the system. Do your homework in the event your lawyer is not telling you all the facts. The banking system is like the mafia so be careful which lawyer you go to because they may be paid off. This is through experience.

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