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The New Slave System: The Debt


By Natalie-Marie Hart

Many people suffer from dreadful severe debts. I would like to get the information out to the public. Many people don’t know about this scam. In this article I am going to cover this. I am going to open the Pandora box about collection agencies. I am going to do a series of articles.

First of all it is very important to understand how debt collection works.

-Collectors are people who call on you and never go away until you pay them. They are annoying, uncaring (they only care about themselves) and they are usually aggressive and they want a payment within a click of a button.

-A Creditor is a company, which you purchase goods, services, or you borrow money from such as Visa.

-A debtor or consumer is a person who owes money.

-A bill collector is an individual or even an organization who demands (with no care in the world) a payment from debtors for example, your creditor, a collection agency, a lawyer, or one of its employees.

– A Collection agency is an organization that collects money from you on behalf of others and acquires at least 50 per cent of its revenues.

Also bill collectors are not always working with collection agencies.

This is just the beginning of the series on how we are being destroyed with debt.