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The New Slave system: How the new gangster called the collesters comes into your life Part 4

By Natalie-Marie Hart
Crystal Kids Radio

This is the fourth part of the series. There is going to be many more articles so please stay tuned on my website www.crystalkdsradio.com for more articles about the new slave system.

Important fact: a creditor will place your outstanding account with only one collection agency at a time.

1: In the beginning your debt goes to one creditor. Your account is considered a first assign. Your account will be with an agent for 6 to 12 months. Then the next step will be a collector will come in.

2: say you cannot make the payments your creditor will place your overdue account to more then one collection agency.

3: The creditor might write off your unpaid account or sell it to a debt buyer or a debt purchaser.

There are two different categories of debt buyers.

1: Traditional collection agencies

2: debt-purchasing firms that specialize in buying a large number of delinquent accounts from a single creditor.

Collectors employed by a creditor

You will be receiving impolite calls. There was a person who decided to start recording his phone calls with the collectors so he could post them on his website. More people need to do this. If you have any email them to me. They are stopping journalist, alternative media to talk about this. To solve a problem we need to fix what is around us.

Something you may not know if you owe money from a bank or a finical institute the local branch manager might be knocking on your door demanding payment. There are no laws ruling out a creditor from doing this.

Who owns whom?

CBC did a show on collection agencies. CBC removed this video. The Canadian Government owns CBC. Who really owns the Canadian Government? The money system and they did not like the truth coming out for the first time.

Keep in mind the collesters have people being paid to call you and the more he or she collects the more money he or she makes.

Gangsters vs. Banksters

1: They stop the vehicle and force you to get out of the car. Who do you think does this the gangsters or the banksters? If you guess both you got it right.

2: They both send somebody to your door.

3: One breaks your body parts and the other gives you a nervous break down and you end in a hospital with a heart attack.

4: They both send you to the hospital.

5: They both buy off politicians.

6: They both bully you.

7: They both charge you interest.

8: They both call you at home.

9: They both have law enforcement agencies working for them.

10: They both have lawysters (lawyers) and judges working for them.

11: the mafia has something called the boss but the banksters have CEOs that run the show. For your information some CEOs like Edmund W. Clark President and CEO, of TD Bank was invited this year to go to the bilderberg meeting.

12: The collectors want you to believe that there will be negative consequences if you do not pay your outstanding account. The gangsters do the same thing.

13: They want to create a sense of urgency, to make you feel you need to pay that debt that you owe to their employer to be paid in the immediate future. The gangsters do the same thing.

14: They both run casinos one is called stock market and the other is called gambling.

15: Most of the tactics a collester is employed to do is bully you and that is illegal. Some may call you a deadbeat or a loser. The collector says or sends you the message; “I am going to make your life like hell until you pay your account.” A collester will try to make you admit that you do owe money. They hospitalize you and also destroy your family life. That you just have read here sounds just like what the gangsters do no difference.

16: they both will lie.

17: They both take from the poor.

18: They will take your money in any possible way and they are both loan sharks. They are like lizards they will kill anybody that gets in their way.

19: they both have the best clothes, homes, very good paid and so on.

20: They work together.

21: They are both known to be the world’s best-known organizations. The mafia has branches just like banks have branches one branch would be Cosa Nostra. TD Bank would be a good example for branches.

22: They both have no heart and they don’t care if children are involved.

The more I learn about this you would think they are running the same business.

Please stay tuned for more on my upcoming articles on www.crystalkidsradio.com