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The New Slave System: How History Is Repeating Itself part 7


By Natalie-Marie Hart

Crystal Kids Radio

Let’s go back in time to the ancient times like ancient Rome. In the Roman Empire they paid taxes up to only 1% and sometimes it would scale as high as 3% in situations such as war. These taxes were charged against land, homes, slaves, animals, personal items and monetary wealth. Taxes were collected from individuals. Doesn’t this sound like today? In the Roman times taxes were as unpleasant as it is today. You know what is so funny we pay a lot more taxes then the Romans did. Benjamin Franklin said in a letter to M. Leroy, 1789, “…in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes” There is also another good quote, “None are more hopelessly enslaved then those who falsely believe they are free.” –Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

There have always been taxes throughout history. Nevertheless we have always been enslaved. Now it is by the banksters (bankers), and the collesters (collectors). They have always been big bullies. Times have not changed. History is repeating itself. The only difference now is we have new players. Our economy has always been the same. We need to fix this planet not see it for it’s worse. If we don’t fix it now it will only get worse.

From my last article called The New Slave System: they are taking away your rights, right before your eyes Part 6, I left off at the Credit report now I would like to go into the credit rating system because I think it is really important for these topics to come out.

What is a credit rating?

A credit rating is a number assigned to each item that appears on your credit report, between RI and R9 (there is no such thing as an R6 or an R8). These numbers mean the following:

R0 Too new for creditor to rate
RI consumer is current on his obligations
R2 Consumer is one payment late (30 to 60 days overdue)
R3 Consumer is two payments late (60 to 90 days overdue)
R4 Consumer is three payments late (90 to 120 days overdue)
R5 Consumer is four payments late (a minimum of 120 days overdue)
R7 Consumer is making payments under a debt management plan with a credit-counselling agency
R9 Creditor has written the account off as a bad debt (150 to 180 days overdue)

They always use numbers. At school they always told me to never bring my homework overdue. It sounds like that.

As soon as it is R9 180 days overdue it is to be sent straight to the collection agency for collection. One or more R9’s on your credit report will lower your slave (credit) score. When a consumer has filed for personal bankruptcy, there accounts will usually be listed as an R9. Once a consumer is free from bankruptcy accounts will finally be discharged and they should remove it from the report and it will always show that the consumer has filed for bankruptcy.

The big bullies that would be collectors will tell you, you need to pay your account as soon as possible. They don’t care how you will get the money they just want you to get it. Then you wonder why there is so much crime? I would say the greediest people you can find on the face of this earth are the banking system. They would do anything to keep the slave system going.

The majority of information that credit-reporting agencies receive about you comes directly from their members, the creditors.

It is wise for you to go over your credit report every six months so you can identify mistaken information or fraud so you can update it after you made a payment in a complete or established account.

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