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Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/15



In this edition of SPOTM: Kylie Jenner as Beta Kitten, the one-eye sign everywhere and more proof that the fashion world needs to go in rehab, go to jail and get an exorcism at the same time.

Kylie's photoshoot for Interview magazine portrays her as a still, lifeless sex doll. Everything about these sisters refers right back to Beta Kitten Programming.


Not unlike a Kitten slave, she is brought around and used around while having the same lifeless look on her face.

Used as a slave.

This pic of her in a wheelchair caused controversy because, mainly, Kylie is not disabled, it is being used as some kind of edgy fashion statement. More importantly, it represents the Kylie's true handicap: Beta Kitten.

Coupled with these telling images was an interview where Kylie states that she lost her youth - which is an important part of the forming of a Beta slave. In short, this photoshoot is a Beta perfect storm.

This Harper Bazaar photoshoot of Stephanie Seymour with her sons is not new (2014) but it is pure fashion industry sickness. The weird, nauseating sexual context of these pics is just wrong.

Everybody wants some sideboob action with their moms, right?

You're rubbing on your mom dude.

Subtle one-eye sign to close-off this horrific photoshoot and to let you know who is behind this incestual mess.

Of course, the one-eye sign appeared everywhere in mass media last month. This is a character poster of the upcoming movie "Alice Through the Looking Glass", which is, coincidentally the favorite tale of MK handlers.

A nice one-eye sign on a poster for the upcoming movie Zoolander 2. The first movie was about a brainless fashion model who was mind controlled and programmed to kill a political figure using a trigger word. Yup.

The new album of Sharon Needles is all about the one-eye sign. Before I get a comment saying "Sharon Needles is a transgender hero who needs to be applauded at all times", I say: "Check out this next pic".

One-eye, inverted cross Illuminati pawn.

French Magazine Le Monde features one big, blatant, one-eye sign.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga is still walking around somewhere doing a permanent one-eye thing.

The promo of the new season of BET series "Being Mary Jane" is also about one-eye.

The cover of L'Officiel Malaysia feature the sign as well.

Justin Bieber is still forced to be appear in all kinds of abusive situations in all of his photoshoots.

Blood of innocents on a virginal girl. That is what the industry likes to do.