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Secret military bases use “people repellent”


Many people, including myself, have experienced unsettling feelings when approaching secret military facilities. Sudden agitation, muddled thinking, headaches and even nausea are commonly reported, along with a desire to get out of the area. 

Because of such reactions, it’s long been suspected that the military uses “people repellent” in the form of electromagnetic and/or ultrasonic frequencies to keep people away. It’s not a far out idea; there are plenty of electronic bug repellers listed on the Internet that work the same way.

One company’s website says its product “delivers powerful ultrasonic frequencies up to 5,000 square feet.  Invading pets are flooded with loud, disorientating noise while you don’t hear a thing.”

Another ad says its product “changes the electromag- netic frequencies that travel through the wiring of your home into pulsating vibrations. . . . The electromagnetic signals turn on and off every few seconds making it next to impossible for pests to build a tolerance to this irritating environment and drives them out.”

A simple Lyric hearing aid recently provided evidence that similar but more powerful frequency waves are being broadcast from the secret military facility hidden beneath the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI)* in the mountains of North Carolina.

Vickie McMahan, our Facebook manager, checked out the facility in March 2016 and her hearing aid went haywire.

“I have deafening tinnitus and wear Lyric hearing aids that completely block out the ringing in my ears,” she explained. “But while I was at PARI, the ringing in my ears was almost overpowering.  Yet as soon as I left there, my hearing went right back to normal.

Vickie added that the Lyric hearing aids are affected by magnets, which might suggest that electromagnetic frequencies are being used at PARI.

It’s worth noting that Vickie saw a dark helicopter with no visible markings flying away from PARI – a place purported to be just an astronomy research center.

* Witnesses with high security clearance have reported to this website that the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute is a camouflage capstone cover for a secret city-size military base beneath it.