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Natalie-Marie Hart was born in Canada and started up a radio show by the name Crystal Kids Radio at the age of 11. By the age of 11, she began showing her true compassion and concern for the protection of the environment, animals and mankind. In July 2015 Natalie-Marie joined the Conscious Consumer Network (CCN Network) http://www.consciousconsumernetwork.tv.

She has produced a number of short video’s and has appeared on radio and internet TV and currently is writing a book.

Natalie-Marie was always interested in history and she is inspired in interviewing the history makers.

Personal Life

Natalie-Marie Hart is known as the World’s Youngest Investigative Talk Show Host because she started a radio show online on youtube. She was only 11 when she began producing, directing, editing many series of documentaries. Natalie-Marie founded the Crystal Kids Radio Show.  She is known as an investigative journalist Activist Post(http://www.activistpost.com) an article by Heather Callaghan talks about her journey as the first World’s Youngest Investigative journalist. She has interviewed big league activists like Rosa Koire (Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21), investigative author Jim Marrs, Foster Gamble, The Hon. Paul Hellyer Canada’s former defense Minister, Dr. Carmen Boulter producer and director of the Pyramid Code, Dr. Gordon Edwards, and many more. No topic seems off limits as Natalie-Marie’s is incredibly well-read.  She’s an old soul who outshines many with her intelligence, but thinks with her heart.