Natalie-Marie Hart – Robert Hieronimus & Laura Cortner – The Secret Life of Lady Liberty


Natalie-Marie Hart interviews Laura E. Cortner and Robert Hieronimus about their fantastic book called The Secret Life of Statue Liberty. Lady Liberty is seen all over the nation’s capital on the seals and flags of many states, yet how many people take the time to decode her symbols such as the torch, the tablet, and the chains under her foot. Listen to this incredible interview about the American Iconic Symbol Lady Liberty. This is one that should not be missed:


Robert Hieronimus, Ph.D. is an internationally known historian, visual artist, and radio host and has appeared on History, Discovery, BBC, and National Geographic. The host of 21st Century Radio, he lives in Maryland. Laura E. Cortner has co-authored previous titles with Robert Hieronimus including Founding Fathers, Secret Societies and United Symbolism of America. Her work appears regularly in periodicals like UFO Magazine, FATE Magazine, and several Beatles publications. She is the director of the Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center and lives in Maryland.


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