Natalie-Marie Hart Interviews Rosa Koire



Rosa Koire is a forensic commercial real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain valuation. Her twenty-eight year career as an expert witness on land use has culminated in exposing the impacts of Sustainable Development on private property rights and individual liberty.

Over the course of a legal challenge, Koire became aware of the source of the planning revolution she had observed over more than 10 years: UN Agenda 21. Through her research she found that much of the funding to implement local UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development land use programs comes through the diversion of property taxes to redevelopment agencies. Her work in providing information and solutions for communities fighting UN Agenda 21 has spread across the nation as more and more people become aware of the increased restrictions on their property rights, and the methods used to implement social engineering.




Agenda 21 is the United Nations attempt to control the world. More than 178 nations adopted Agenda 21 as official policy during a signing ceremony at the Earth Summit. Their means are stealthy and hidden under cloaks of environmental sustainability, city planning, and policies that promise to make each city in America more efficient.
The Agenda 21 goal is to control development and population through the guise of Sustainable Development. But do not be trick. The purveyors of this agenda have a more sinister objective in mind, and they have creep into nearly all the towns and cities in the world to have their plan come to completion.
To recognize these masked agendas, pay attention to these red flags.
Sustainable Development is defined as the integration of economic, social and environmental policies to ensure a reduction in consumption, social equity and preservation of biodiversity. Some examples are:
· Smart Growth
· Wildlands Project
· Resilient Cities
· Regional Visioning Projects or Local Visioning
· STAR Sustainable Communities
· Green Jobs/Building Codes or “Going Green”
Host: Natalie-Marie Hart
Guest: Rosa Korie