Natalie-Marie Hart Interviews Laurie Simons and Terry Sterrenberg about Villaging America



We are counsellors, filmmakers, activists and pretty much ordinary citizens who like many others are trying to make a difference as we face the challenges of today’s society. We look around us and see poverty, racism, homelessness, violence, war, environmental degradation, species extinction, ocean acidification, nuclear accidents, inequality, criminal injustices and many other tragedies. There has to be a better way. One way we have found to try to make an impact is through making documentary films. We produced The Healthcare Movie in 2011 to address some of the myths surrounding the idea of national universal healthcare. We learned that there has been a long history of events and campaigns that have dissuaded the American public from creating a national, publicly supported healthcare system like those in most other developed countries. We also learned that healthcare is just one example of what has unfolded over the past century that has led to the events of today. We began to question everything. We completely changed our lifestyle, a story that we will tell in our next movie, Villaging America.