Natalie-Marie Hart Interviews Dr Betty Martini



Dr. Betty Martini is the founder of the global volunteer force, Mission Possible International, which educates the public on aspartame and warns of the dangers. She has been doing this for 14 years with operations in most states and over 30 countries of the world. She works with the world experts who write the reports you will find on their web pages. She spent 22 years in the medical field before this, and created the first health delivery system in the US.



In a special on the dangers of the artificial sweetener aspartame, Dr. Betty Martini talked about the dangers of Aspartame. Aspartame, which she described as addictive, can cause a number of problems that people might not realize stem from its consumption, including headaches, dizziness, mood change, and joint pain. Its effects can be slow and subtle, but quite serious– sometimes leading to miscarriages and seizures, she said.







Interview with Dr. Betty Martini on the dangers of aspartame

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