Natalie-Marie Hart Interviews Birke Baehr on GMOs and the industrialized food system



Birke Beahr is a 15-year-old on his way to being a biodynamic/organic farmer…to help make changes in the world! He has become a speaker, writer and campaigns with an enthusiasm to educate others, about the unhelpfulness of the industrialized food system and the shares with us alternatives of sustainable and organic farming, food and practices. Birke spoke out about genetically modified foods and what they could do to your health. Birke has visited and worked at farms around the United States and even had an opportunity to work on an organic farm in Italy.
Birke began his journey as a presenter at TEDx Next Generation Asheville 2010, Birke’s talk, “What’s wrong with our food” received the most views ever and wowed audiences worldwide.
Birke has been featured in various media venues, sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm about food. He enjoys getting his hands dirty on chemical free farms, growing his own vegetables, checking out local farmers markets and farms. I was very pleased to have this wonderful opportunity to interview a kid just like me. He is working hard in making a difference. Birke and I discussed his views, his work, and his ongoing events to free the world from harmful farming and food practices.
Birke is truly a person that I respect and I wish him lot of luck on educating people and to save the planet.