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Natalie Marie Hart – Anita Meyer – The Origins of Languages


Anita Meyer and Natalie-Marie Hart discuss the Origins of languages, the Book of Enoch, and more. Listen to this educational show above.

Author Anita Meyer attended college for Criminology. Additionally through her many studies she is also a linguistic decipherment expert in ancient writings in the fields of orthography, paleography, and graphology, and is also a Cryptology whiz. Among many other skillful abilities… she is also a visual pattern recognizer in the study of nature and structure. Off the beaten path, Anita is a religious procurement specialist who thoroughly engages in finding strong evidences for God’s existence.

Purpose – Author Anita Meyer has written these books to bridge the gap between science and religion, and to reveal intelligent design in the framework of all that exists.

Achievements – Author Anita Meyer has participated in author shows, book signings, large international conferences, conventions, as well as many famous places such as the Sci Fi Café, Barnes & Noble and many other book stores and local places. She has also participated on radio shows and written articles for Ancient America magazine, which made front cover news. Additionally she has a 1 hour Power Point Presentation lecture that delves into the subjects of her books.

Mission – Writing is her passion! She will continue to write to share her knowledge and findings with others.

Beyond the Bible Code
In Search Of The Holy Language
The Primordial Language – Confirmation of the Divine Creator

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