On the glossy pages usually reserved for movie stars and fashion models, a Canadian politician is making his mark on America’s media scene.

American fashion magazine Vogue is featuring Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau in a profile and photo spread in its January issue.

An online version of the piece posted Wednesday was the most-shared story on the magazine’s website.

With peppered references to the Kennedys and the British royal family, the piece opens on the fan frenzy that greeted Trudeau on the day of his swearing-in ceremony.

Introducing him as the “new young face of Canadian politics,” John Powers’ profile traces Trudeau’s roots as the son of “the most glamorous PM their country has known” and “a leader known equally for brains and sex appeal,” up to meeting Grégoire-Trudeau, and eventually carving his own path on Canada’s political scene.

Justin Trudeau photographed in Ottawa.
Justin Trudeau in a photo from the January issue of Vogue magazine.

Online reaction to the story and the photos was mixed, with some praising the PM for elevating Canada’s exposure on the world stage and showing some personality, particularly in the gripping portrait of husband and wife embracing.

Others took issue with the choice of a non-Canadian designer for Grégoire-Trudeau’s dress and questioned whether a sit-down with an American fashion magazine was the best way for a prime minister to spend his first days in office.

Those who believe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau puts style over substance are directed to the forthcoming issue of Vogue.

Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau took time from their schedules after his swearing-in last month for a photo shoot with the high-end fashion magazine. The pictures accompany a survey piece on Trudeau and his election victory, which describes him as “strikingly young and wavy-haired,” looking “dashing in his blue suit and jaunty brown shoes.”

In one black-and-white photo, Trudeau looks off-camera in a manner certain to evoke comparison to Zoolander. In another photo, Trudeau embraces his wife, who is clad in an Oscar de la Renta dress valued at $5,700. (He’s wearing a plain blue shirt — his own.) As Trudeau’s Twitter loyalists were quick to point out — and the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed — the frock was provided by Vogue. “As we’ve said many times, the Prime Minister engages regularly with many different kinds of media,” PMO spokesman Kate Purchase explained in an email.

The Vogue spread continues the tsunami of fashion industry coverage that Grégoire-Trudeau has enjoyed. The focus on her wardrobe has generated valuable publicity for those who employ her friend and stylist, Jessica Mulroney (the former prime minister’s daughter-in-law) and Trudeau’s half-sister, Ally Kemper.

It does not look like Mulroney had a hand in styling this shoot, though. The magazine credits their image to two professional stylists from the U.S., with and hair and makeup artists brought in to groom the couple.

We could soon be reading more about the Vogue feature in another source: the website of federal Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson.

The PMO pledged that Trudeau would report any loans of fashion items to his wife in the MP’s conflict-of-interest report he is required to file with Dawson’s office.