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Helicopters disappear into and around NC mountain


By Mary Joyce, website editor

The left photo above of Rumbling Bald Mountain was taken from the Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Mountains in Lake Lure, North Carolina.  While the rocky cliff looks smooth at a distance, the right photo shows how big one of the mountain’s crevices really is.  Below are an aerial view of Rumbling Bald, which is actually a mountain ridge, and a map of the Lake Lure area. The red marker shows the location of the Wyndham Resort.

c map

According to locals, Black Hawk helicopters have been disappearing into Rumbling Bald Mountain for many years.  They say the entrance is a large, well-hidden shadowy crevice in a rather inaccessible part of the ridge. On June 29, 2016, Evelyn Gordon and I went there to meet with a resident who we will call “Fran.”  Here is what she revealed to us.

“When we first moved to Lake Lure about 20 years ago, we actually could look right at the entrance,” Fran told us. “We would see Black Hawk helicopters going in there all the time.

“Even when my husband and I were down in the town of Chimney Rock, we’d see the helicopters fly around Rumbling Bald and then never see them again.  It was a common thing.People were always saying ‘Where did they go? What happened to them?’

“One time I was at a friend’s home that has a great view; you can look down on Chimney Rock from there,” she explained.  “From her deck you could hear the helicopters coming, always in packs. They were really loud and their sound was amplified as they flew low through the gorge.  When they flew by,everything shook and the trees branches would whip around.

 (L) Internet photo of Black Hawk helicopter pilot

“The Black Hawks flew so low that from the deck we could see the men were wearing full gear like they were flying high up in space.  We could wave at them; that’s how low they were flying.

NEW KIND OF VANISHING ACT: “Then on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 about 10 a.m., I saw something I’ve never seen around Rumbling Bald Mountain – EVER!” Fran said. “I heard these extremely loud helicopter blades. I ran outside to look and saw three helicopters. They looked like Black Hawk helicopters.  They were obviously military.

“They looked like they were going north toward Black Mountain but then they turned and went south.  They went around that ridge” she said while pointing to the ridge in front of us.

“I saw the first helicopter reappear; I saw the front of the second one but I never saw the third one.  It was a clear sky and I could see them plain as day and then they just disappeared into thin air.

(R) Photo of ridge Fran pointed toward



A week before that happened, I knew something unusual was going on,” Fran continued. “I saw a crane that was bigger than any crane I’ve ever seen anywhere – and I’ve been in New York, Los Angeles and around military facilities.

“Within a day, the biggest cellphone or data tower I’ve ever seen was installed right next to the existing cellphone tower. 

“But that’s not all.  There have been huge booming sounds. While we have logging in this area, even a giant California redwood tree couldn’t make such a boom if it fell. We’ve investigated and can’t find anything to explain the booms. Maybe construction is going on beneath the earth.  It would make some kind of sense with helicopters flying into Rumbling Bald.  There could be a major underground facility that’s being expanded.”