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Crystal Kids TV with Natalie Marie Hart Interviews Cori Brackett


Cori Brackett is the globally recognized documentary filmmaker of Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World.

A close examination of the artificial sweetener, aspartame, Sweet Misery examines both its chemical breakdown components and the corporate and governmental collusion and neglect of the public health. The documentary also travels with Cori, as she makes discoveries about the underpinnings of the world she inhabits, as well as the truth behind her own diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

Today, Cori lives a vibrant and happy life, free of the debilitating symptoms of the disease with which she was diagnosed in 2002. Sweet Misery has become a cult classic, winning numerous awards. It has been translated into Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Russian.

On Sweet Remedy Radio, Cori investigates this Poisoned World, by interviewing doctors, naturopaths, authors and innovators to put a magnifying glass in front of both the problems and solutions. Cori is known for her ability to interweave such seemingly disparate icons as Noam Chomsky and Larry Hagman, cutting through the hype and disinformation to get to what’s honest and real.

With 6500 Twitter followers and a worldwide fan base, Cori is a voice to be listened to, a voice full of curiosity, honesty and integrity.

Guests have included Jim Turner, Esq., Dr. Russell Blaylock, Spice William-Crosby, Jsu Garcia, Betty Martini, Kimberly Carter-Gamble, Natalie-Marie Hart, Dr. Edward Group, Bob Wall, Howard Straus, Jeffrey Smith and many others.

Previous to her diagnosis, Cori worked as a Shakespearean Actress, as a copy editor, and for ten years as President/CEO of Sound and Fury Productions, Inc. She holds a BA in English/Performing Arts from Colby College and and MFA in Poetry with an emphasis in playwriting and directing from The University of Arizona.