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Even Chinese warn about food from China


Even the Chinese are warning people about their country’s food supply.  The “China Digital Times” posted photos of 50 Chinese foods or products that are dangerously toxic.  Below are 30 of those captions as they appeared on that website.  A few of the photos are included. – The Editor


    Toxic rice noodle dish – Toxic bean sprout production

TOXIC RICE NOODLES, made from stale rice with whitening chemicals. Stale rice itself contains carcinogens.

TOXIC BEAN SPROUTS, whose growth is expedited by chemicals that could cause cancer, liver or stomach damage.

TOXIC TEA LEAVES, with chemical-intensive pesticides before picking and coloring compounds after with high concentrations of lead, and other heavy metals.

TOXIC BOTTLED WATER, with the bottles made from recycled plastic materials, some imported trash.

TOXIC POPCORN, made with excessive amounts of saccharin, a sweetener that causes neural and kidney damage, and sometimes cancer.

TOXIC TOFU, made from stale food materials and whitening chemicals that cause kidney or liver damage, sometimes cancer.

TOXIC STINKY TOFU, made with blackening chemicals or liquid made from rotten meat or flies to soak dried tofu.

TOXIC VINEGAR, made from mixing water with acetate or diluting vinegar acid with water or other liquids, causing concentrations of heavy metals.

USED OIL, collected from dirty oily liquids mixed in the sewage from hotels or restaurants.

TOXIC INSTANT NOODLES, made from used oil collected from hotels or restaurants instead of high quality oil for frying the noodles.


Dish made with toxic dog meat

TOXIC DOG MEAT, from dogs killed by baiting with rat poison, etc.

TOXIC SUNFLOWER/WATERMELON SEEDS, pan fried by chemicals that give the seeds a polished look but with dangerous chemicals.

TOXIC SEAFOOD, inflated and whitened by chemicals that cause skin infections and could damage the digestive system.

TOXIC SOY SAUCE, made from human hair, animal bones, blood clots and other chemicals, with concentration of carcinogens.

TOXIC LIQUOR, made from industrial ethanol with water and other liquids, could cause coma or even death.

TOXIC CHILI SAUCE, made by adding chemicals such as “Sudan red,” which tainted sauces at McDonald’s and KFC’s  in China a few years ago.

TOXIC NOODLES, made by adding whitening compounds and other poisonous materials that make the noodles more tender.

TOXIC RICE, reprocessed from stale rice, which itself contains carcinogens.

TOXIC FRUITS, whose growth is stimulated by chemicals that may cause neural disruptions, cancer etc.

TOXIC DRIED FRUITS, processed with preservatives and other coloring chemicals that are poisonous.


Toxic fungi

TOXIC FUNGI, processed with trashed fungus products and soaked with ink and other chemicals for drying and coloring.

TOXIC MILK POWER, with low concentrations of protein and other nutrients, worse than water for babies.

TOXIC MEAT, from animals that were injected with hormones or antibiotics to stimulate growth.

TOXIC SHREDDED MEAT, made from dead pigs and processed with bad bread crumbs.

TOXIC SEAWEED, added chemicals for color and softness.

TOXIC VEGETABLES, largely containing pesticide residue.

TOXIC FOAM LUNCH BOXES, made from used plastic materials and other banned chemicals.

TOXIC FISH, whose growth is stimulated by adding chemicals that may contain contraceptive drugs or carcinogens.


   Toxic sausage production – Toxic oil made from dead and ill pigs

TOXIC SAUSAGES, made from the meat of sick pigs or other animals.

TOXIC PIG FAT OIL, made from burning the fat of dead pigs or ill pigs.

How to avoid Chinese food products

Once you could avoid Chinese food products simply by looking for the country of origin printed somewhere on the packaging.  Regretfully, many businesses have gotten wise to this and only print the distribution source.  So what can be done? 

Reading barcodes can help.  Products made in China have barcode numbers that begin with 690 to 699.  The first three numbers for Taiwan are 471.   While products made in the United States begin with ZERO, many U.S. products are made with Chinese ingredients.  Regretfully, this means a ZERO does not assure that a product is without Chinese ingredients.

Toxic Bar Code